Corporate Overview

Built around you

Built around you.

Today, you don’t just demand a lot more from life, but from your mobile phone as well. That’s why we’ve created the perfect combination of emerging technologies and stylish design to give you mobile accessories that are designed around you, and your lifestyle. And by being completely invested throughout the process – from design to sales – we can guarantee you products that will perform as well as they look.
So come experience a whole new world
with ampMob Gear.

Transforming the way you use Bluetooth technology.

While the technology has become incredibly accessible, many still under-utilize the scope that Bluetooth offers. Through our products, you will be able to transform your listening and speaking experience like never before. Our state-of-the-art speakers and headphones will keep you connected, whether you’re relaxing by the pool, or travelling.

Transforming the way you use Bluetooth technology.
Transforming the way you use Bluetooth technology.

Innovation that works for you.

Because we took the time to understand the market, and the need for technological innovation, our every product is created with you in mind. This is further emphasized in our manufacturing process that puts all focus in creating inspired design and form factors.
So have a look at all we have to offer, and see how you can add a bit of ampMob Gear to your life.